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Free English Grammar Classes in Rohini


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English is a crucial language nowadays. Almost all the jobs mention that all the candidates should have fluency in English. Speaking in the English Language boost your confidence. To master the art of speaking the English language, you need a good trainer. At Achievers Hub Institute, Rohini Sector 22, Delhi, we are offering free English Grammar Classes and Spoken English Classes.


Free English  Grammar Classes: Sector 22, Rohini


Topics That Will Be Covered in The classes




Tenses are a very important topic in English Grammar. Tenses are mainly of 3 types: Present Tenses, Past tense and Future Tense. A lot of people face difficulty in speaking and writing correct sentences in English language and the main reason behind it can be a lack of knowledge of Tenses.

Present Tense

Present Tense talks about actions being done in the present time frame. Present Tense has 4 sub types:-

Present Indefinite

All the actions which falls under the category of daily habits, universal truth etc are categorized under the Present Indefinite Tenses. Present Indefinite tenses


Sub + V1 + s/es + Obj.

Ex. sentences

Ram wakes up at 7 am in the morning.

The sun rises in the east.


Present Continuous 

Present Continuous tenses include those actions which are being done at the moment and still have not been completed.

Rules: Sub + is/am/are + V1 +ing + Obj.

Example Sentences:  Ram is preparing for his final exams.


Present Perfect

Present Perfect Tenses talks about those actions which has already been completed. let us check the rules of the present perfect tense.

Rules: Sub + has/have + V3 + obj

Example: Ram has completed his assignment on time.

Akshay has finished his science project.


Present Perfect Continuous 

This tense talks about those actions which are being done right now and still have not been completed. Let us check some of the examples and rules of this tense.

Rules: Sub + has/have + been + v1 + ing + obj

Examples: Vijay has been working for his final exams

Ajay has been preparing for his IAS exam.

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Past Tense

Actions which were done in the past time frame comes under this tense.

Simple Past Tense


Sub +  V2 + obj.

Examples: India defeated Pakistan in the Last ODI.

My mother cooked butter chicken last night.


Past Continuous Tense

Sub + was /were + V1 + ing + obj

Examples: When I reached home my cousins were dancing

My father was working till late night yesterday,


Past Perfect Tense

Rules:  Sub + had + V3 + obj


Past Perfect Continuous Tense

Sub + had been + V1 + ing + obj


Vinay had been clearing his doubts for his final exams

India had been already preparing for this surgical strike.


Future Tense

Future tense talks about the action which will probably happen in the coming time frame. Let us discuss the subparts of Future Tense.

Simple future Tense

Rule: Sub + will/shall + V1 + obj


We will leave for Australia tomorrow.

India will take strict action against Pakistan.


Future Continuous Tense

Rules: Sub + will/shall + be + V1 +ing + obj


My cousin will be completing her graduation this year

We will be preparing for our final exams next month.


Future Perfect Tense

Rule: Sub+ will/shall +have + V3 + obj.


Ramesh will have finished his school by 2022.

Google will have banned a lot of fake publishers by next year.


Future Perfect Tense


Sub + shall/will + have+ been + V1 + ing + obj+ for/since + time.


He will have been studying in college next year.

The students shall have been undergoing industrial training in their final semester.


Parts of Speech







A noun is an important topic in English Grammar. Name of place, person, thing or animal comes under Nouns

Nouns are of 5 types:-

Proper Noun

Proper noun consists of words which denote the name of a proper place, proper thing or person. It talks about things which are specific in their category.

Example: Rahul, Amitabh Bachchan, Taj Mahal, India

India is a perfect example of Unity in Diversity.

Amitabh Bachchan is known for his superb acting skills


Common Noun

It consists of common place, person or thing. Common nouns refer to the whole class or category. Like the word ‘teacher’ will refer to the complete class of teachers.

Example: Teacher, doctor, Students, animal etc


Collective Noun

Collective nouns refer to the collection of things,, person or animals.


a bunch of grapes

a bouquet of flowers

A bench of justice

a troop of monkeys

an army of soldiers


 Material Noun

It consists of those words which talk about the raw materials from which finished goods are made.

Examples: Wood, Iron, Plastic


The curd is made up of milk.

Furniture is made of wood.


Abstract Noun

Abstract nouns refers to words of feelings or things which can not only be felt. Happiness, sadness, peace, hatred, anger

Examples: Peace of mind is more valuable than a wealthy life.

Anger is the biggest enemy of humans.





In the Spoken English Classes we will teach the students to frame sentences. We will start it from the basic level. First of all, we will have an oral essay session so that we come to know about the weakness of students. In each class, students will be taught how to speak the English language like professionals (Step by Step)


Free English Spoken/Grammar Classes: Details

Free English Grammar Classes in Rohini Sector 22 Delhi

Location: Plot no 84, Pocket 12, Sector 22, Rohini

Batches Available for: Classes 6 to 10

Timing Slots Available: 4 to 9 pm

Classes Duration: 1 hr, 4 days a week


How To Register Your Seat for Free English Classes

To Book your seat for Free English Grammar Classes in Rohini drop us a mail at: [email protected] or call us on 7503458306



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